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Pyramid F14 Sphinx

Pyramid F14 Sphinx

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This ultra-forgiving driver allows you to hit down on the ball instead of swinging upward,  maximizing spin, airtime, and overall distance.

Better contact & accuracy: with shorter length that’s easy to control 

Longer carry: powered by increased loft

Unmatched versatility: with a smaller clubhead (hit it off the deck!)

GIANT sweet spot: specialty driving cavity = increased MOI


Shaft flex guide
Flex Average Clubhead Speed Average Driving Distance
Senior Plus 70 MPH & Under Under 175 Yards
Senior 70 - 80 MPH 175 - 210 Yards
Regular 80 - 90 MPH 210 - 250 Yards
Stiff 90 MPH & Over 250+ Yards
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1 Year Warranty

30-Day Money Back Guarantee

Made By Golfers For Golfers

Conforms to the Rules of Golf

1 Year Warranty

Made By Golfers For Golfers

30-Day Money Back Guarantee

Conforms to the Rules of Golf

Flex Average Clubhead Speed Average Driving Distance
Senior Plus 70 MPH & Under Under 175 Yards
Senior 70 - 80 MPH 175 - 210 Yards
Regular 80 - 90 MPH 210 - 250 Yards
Stiff 90 MPH & Over 250+ Yards

F14 Sphinx Features

Close-up of Pyramid F14 Sphinx golf club head with labeled features.

Squeeze Every Yard of Distance and Accuracy from Your Swing

Big brands have churned out the same old drivers for decades, stagnating amateur driving distances since 2005, per a USGA and R&A study.

We take lessons, overhaul swings, use training aids, and invest in new drivers. But, as the study shows, it doesn’t translate to more distance.

Blame the modern driver. Thankfully, there’s an alternative: F14 Sphinx

The forgiveness you need to make your miss-hits perfectly playable

The F14 features a unique "driving cavity" in its sole, similar to cavity-back irons.

This design creates a giant sweet spot and higher MOI, ensuring forgiveness on off-center strikes.

Your miss-hits will travel farther and straighter, with a tighter dispersion pattern than conventional drivers.

Fewer balls will sail OB, into water, woods, or sand. Even when you miss the fairway, you’ll be in good shape for the approach.

Golf club face with optimal face height for low tee and turf, Pyramid F14 Sphinx model.
Golf club with anti-chunk leading edge and 'great off the turf' text on advertising.

The size you need to inspire confidence and trust

The F14 Sphinx inspires confidence with its 35mm shallow clubface, reducing popups. Its 262cc clubhead is half the size of average drivers, making it easy to handle. The slender clubface frames the ball beautifully, begging you to let it rip.

Hittable off the deck, the F14 combines ample loft and a softly curved leading edge, preventing digging. Use it confidently from rough, sand, or divots.

The F14 Sphinx is the club you’ve been waiting for.

That’s because the game’s biggest equipment makers have spent their mountainous marketing budgets pushing the “high launch, low spin” angle – the one that only applies to pros and low handicappers – instead of telling you the truth.

Golf club and shafts from Pyramid brand, labeled F14 Sphinx with 'Performance Tuned Shafts.'

The F14 Sphinx gives you, the recreational golfer, everything the big guys have ignored.

Launch the ball high with plenty of spin, producing reliable distance you can take to the bank. (No more “one long drive, five shorties” ratio from your standard driver.)

Carry hazards and doglegs instead of playing around them.  (Resulting in shorter approach shots – the key to lower scores.)

Swing with confidence, even on the tightest tee shots, without fear of flying OB or into the woods.

\Miss-hit a tee shot and still reach the green with your second.

Hit your longest club off the deck to bring par 5s and monster par 4s to their knees.

Try On Your Home Course For a Full 30 Days

Because an in-store patch of turf doesn’t give you the real experience.

We get it: in golf, gimmicks are everywhere. We believe you shouldn’t have to blindly trust claims – you deserve to test them yourself, right on your home course.

That’s why we offer a 30-day money back guarantee and 1-year warranty (or upgrade to 5 years for $14.95) on our products. So you can test them the right way, and see real improvement in your game.

Every Detail Designed to Give You an Edge Over the Competition

Comparison chart of golf equipment highlighting features of different clubs and a rangefinder labeled 'Us' versus 'Them'.

Questions? We Have Answers.

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