Rhythm Putting Drill with Blair O'Neal

A Drill for Speed and Pace

Looking to work on your pace and dial in some speed? This rhythm putting drill featuring golfer, model, and television personality Blair O'Neal will help you do exactly that so you can get out on the golf course with more confidence.

Follow along with the video or read the transcript beneath to get started.

What You'll Need


It’s time to do a drill built for speed - so we’re gonna work on our pace. So what I’ve done, as you can see behind me, is I have:

We’re going to work on our pace, dial in some speed, and we’re going to do a great practice drill that's going to help you out on the golf course to help you build some confidence.


The thing you need to know is that each putt is obviously a different length; but the thing that’s going to stay the same is the rhythm of your stroke.

So like Martin Hall tells me, when you’re putting, just say out loud: one-thousand-one, one-thousand-one. That’s the cadence of your stroke.

The distance is going to change, the length of your putting stroke might change, the speed of the putting stroke will change, but the rhythm will always be the same.

The Drill

So let’s start with the first ball putting to this 10 ft yard mark here; dial in that distance.

Now let’s put our eyes on this 15 ft Pyramid Putter Head Cover. Let’s putt to that mark - one thousand one - same rhythm there.

And then let’s go to the last spot which is about 20 ft; you might have to putt around some of these obstacles.

The great thing about this drill too is that when you get out on the golf course, if you want to walk off your putts, you’ll know what a 10 foot putt, what a 15 foot putt, or what a 20 foot putt feels like, and you’re going to hole more putts.

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I used to 3-putt all the time. I bought my first pyramid putter and starting make more putts and birdie putts. It led me to winning my first Cub Championship. Thank you! Love my Pyramid Putter!

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My putting was awful then I bought your mallet putter. Love the look the feel and the weight. After I got used to the weight difference I started making more putts. Needless to say I really enjoy putting again. Great product.👍👍

Eddie Martin

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