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How To Dial in Your Pace and Rhythm

I'm Blair O’Neal with my Pyramid iCOR Putter, making lots of putts on and around the green.

Now, we had a couple of dozen amateur golfers take their putter and compare it to the Pyramid iCOR Putter using my drill, the 10-20-30 Drill.

The iCOR was the clear winner, and I wanted to share this drill with you so you too can dial in your pace and rhythm out on the greens.

Watch the video below or read the transcript beneath it to get started.

10-20-30 Drill Video Guide


Pyramid iCOR Putter

The original "self-correcting" putter now gives you superior distance control, forgiveness, and feel.

Video Transcript

Now this drill is all about pace.

So what we want to do is we want to be aware that the speed and the length of your stroke on all three of these putts will be different; but what stays the same?

What stays the same is the rhythm.

So with a cadence of this putt, I'm going to take a little tip from my good friend Martin Hall. He likes to say out loud, “1001, 1001”.

So every single putt, I'm gonna say 1001 out loud, but the speed and length of this stroke will change with the distance.

For example, the length and the speed of the stroke from a 20 foot putt will be a little bit shorter than from a 30 foot putt, maybe a little bit slower.

But the rhythm stays the same. 

Try out this 10-20-30 drill and you will be making more putts in no time, especially when you get the Pyramid iCOR Putter in your hands.


What is the importance of rhythm and pace in putting?

Rhythm and pace are crucial in putting as they help to ensure that the ball rolls smoothly towards the hole. When you have a consistent pace and rhythm, you can maintain your stroke and control the distance the ball travels, making it easier to sink putts consistently.

How can I tell if my rhythm and pace are off?

You can tell if your rhythm and pace are off by observing the ball's speed and trajectory. If the ball bounces or hops when it hits the ground or rolls too fast or too slow, then your pace is off. If your stroke feels rushed or jerky, then your rhythm is off.

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Pyramid iCOR Putter

The original "self-correcting" putter now gives you superior distance control, forgiveness, and feel.

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Purchased the mallet putter back in April didn’t want to right a review till I used it for a while.Well here goes,12 rounds,8 with no 3 putts and 2 rounds with 27 and 29 putts.Lag putts track very well.Three to five footers were always my problem,not any more.this putter is the real deal.

Jack Turner

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