Putting Drill for Alignment: Putting Gate Drill With Blair O’Neal

Putting Drill with Tees from Blair O’Neal

I’ve got a putting drill that’s going to help you sink more putts, and all you need is two tees; it’s called the Putting Gate Drill.

This putting drill will help you dial in your alignment, consistency, and stroke for your short putts.

Putting Gate Drill Video

Step-By-Step Putting Drill for Alignment Instructions

We’re going to start about three feet away from the hole.

Set your putter face down, and you’re going to make a gate with the two tees a little bit further than the putter face. Now you have a gate to putt through.

Now, what Tiger Woods likes to do, is he starts with just right-handed putts only to begin with; so putt through the gate with only your right hand.

This is going to ensure that your stroke is straight back and straight through to the hole. Tiger Woods would do this drill and he would make 50 or 100 putts depending on the day.

After you’ve done the right-handed drill, let’s move on and putt with both hands.

Now that you’ve got a great feel, your putter head is going straight back and straight through into the cup.

Benefits of this Putting Drill

What we’re doing here is we’re building confidence.

Put in the reps, make these putts, listen to the ball go in the hole. When you get out on the golf course, you are going to feel great and you are going to make all of these short putts.

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What are the benefits of practicing putting drills?

Practicing putting drills can help golfers develop a better understanding of the putting stroke, improve their alignment, distance control, and consistency when putting, and build confidence on the green.

What should a golfer focus on during a putting drill?

During a putting drill, a golfer should focus on the following:

  • Proper alignment of the body and the putter

  • A smooth, consistent stroke

  • Maintaining a consistent speed throughout the stroke

  • Maintaining a consistent line when putting

What are some tips for improving alignment during a putting drill?

Some tips for improving alignment during a putting drill include:

  • Making sure the eyes are directly over the ball

  • Maintaining a straight back and straight arms during the stroke

  • Keeping the putter head square to the target line

  • Checking the feet position to ensure they are parallel with the target line

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I have been using a Pyramid putter and practicing Blair’s putting tips and have seen a big improvement in putting especially distance judgment. Thanks

Brendan Monteiro

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