Closer Look at the Pyramid Putter Grip with Blair O’Neal

Hey everyone, Blair O'Neal joining you from my putting green here in Scottsdale Arizona, hitting some lag putts and having a really good grip pressure while hitting these lag putts.

Now one of the things that helps my great grip pressure is because of the Pyramid Putter grip itself - and has a very special design. So let me talk to you a little bit about that.

Now first and foremost, as you will notice, the grip has the same diameter throughout the entire grip. With a lot of putter grips, that's not the case - as you can see here, you can see the difference. The Pyramid Putter is the same diameter throughout, helps with a great grip pressure.

The grip is just going to feel good and feel is very important with putting.

Now, another special thing about the Pyramid Putter grip is that it has the silicone dots. With the silicone dots, you really feel like your hands are in a good position, the club's not going to be sliding out of your hands.

Therefore again, creating a great grip pressure throughout your putting stroke which is so important on the short putts and also these lag putts.

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Daniel N.


First time I stroked it I heeled the ball. Sent it to the left and watch it curve ever so slightly back on track to the right and holed the putt. This putter is awesome

Douglas W.


Love the weight of the putter. It truly keeps the balls on track

Ken W.


The putter works just as it was advertised. I’m very happy with the feel and weight of the club.

Julio B.


The putter does everything they said it would do. My putting game has improved beyond belief. The 1st day out I shaved 8 strokes off my score. Broke 80. Looking forward to my next round. Thanx Pyramid.

Dave S.


The more I use it the better it gets. Making the short puts more often and making more of the long puts (10 feet plus) also.

Niles D.


The pyramid putter has a great feel, and gives a true putt each time.

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