“That’s good,” your buddy mumbles through his teeth. “Pick it up.”

“Thanks,” you reply with a satisfied smile before sweeping the ball away.

The shot was a doozy – a tricky chip, up and over a ridge, then downhill to a hole cut just a few paces from disaster.

You played it perfectly, the ball burning the lip before settling less than a foot away.
You’re feeling pretty pleased, to say the least.

Your pal, meanwhile, is trying to be a good sport.

But you can tell he’s a little miffed.

At this point, who wouldn’t be?

He’s just watched you get up-and-down for the umpteenth time today, stealing yet another hole he thought he had in the bag.

“Yeah,” you think to yourself, “I guess that would get old.”

For him, maybe.

But not for you.

What’s really getting under his skin, you figure, is the sudden turnabout in your short game.

It seems like only last weekend you were chunking the most basic chips…

… Or blading them over the green… Just handing him holes while cursing your pathetic play.

Come to think of it, that was  only last weekend. 

Now here you are saving pars like a wedge-wielding superhero.

And making it look way too easy. 

Two holes later, you perform yet another Houdini-esque escape.

This time it’s an entirely different type of shot – a delicate pitch that you land in precisely  the right spot. 

Instead of rolling out, this one checks sharply and snuggles up to the flag.

And your companion – let’s call him Charlie – finally asks the obvious question:

"How the bleep do you keep doing that?"

You chuckle, a little reluctant to tell him your secret.

Charlie isn’t exactly a short game savant, after all. Help him now and your newfound advantage goes out the window.

You’re a nice guy, though, and he’s a good friend.

So you explain that your miraculous transformation is no miracle at all.

You just made one simple change.

The best part?

This change required almost no effort. Didn’t cost a small fortune, either. 

You didn’t take any lessons or practice till your hands were ground beef. 

Not once did you check your swing in the mirror to make sure you were doing it right.

Nope. As a matter of fact, you tell Charlie…

All you did was swap one club for another.

“Really?” he replies with an arched eyebrow.

He thinks you might be pulling his leg.

“Really,” you assure him. “Scout’s honor.”

You just switched from the iron you’d been struggling with all those years to…

A club that fixes your flawed chipping technique all by itself.

“A  what?  ” 

Your partner is still a bit doubtful. But now he’s curious, too. 

So you fill in the details. 

A driver is made for driving, you note. A putter is made for putting, and so forth.

But when you’re playing a chip or a pitch shot, you have to use an iron, a wedge or even your putter, right?

“Right,” Charlie nods with a hint of impatience. 

“See the problem?” you ask.

The look on his face says, “Not really,” so on you go. 
“Irons and wedges are made for playing full shots,” you say. “Kinda like a putter is made specifically for putting.”

Now Charlie’s starting to get it. 

“Aaahhh,” he replies. 

Charlie’s no dope. He wants to know more. 

As he should. The guy’s been chipping with a 7-iron – and doing it badly – for as long as you’ve known him.

You promise to explain the whole concept in just a minute.

But for now, it’s on to the next tee. Your honors, of course.

You pull out your driver – and grab a second club while you’re at it.

“Long story short: Here’s the club I switched to,” you tell your sidekick. “Believe it or not, this is the whole difference in my short game.”

He squints at the odd-looking implement as you brandish it like a saber:

The New Pyramid P3 Pharaoh Scoring Wedge

The ultimate utility wedge for conquering every short game shot.

Obviously, the above story is pure fiction.

But it could easily become reality – you just need the P3 Pharaoh Wedge (and a golf pal named Charlie).

Hi, I’m Matt Stephens. You may be familiar with my previous inventions, including the Pyramid Putter and the F2 Wedge .
I’m awfully proud of those clubs, which have saved thousands of golfers literally millions of strokes.

I’m confident the P3 Pharaoh Scoring Wedge will have the same kind of impact .

How can I be sure?

Because I know what gives recreational golfers, like you, so much trouble around the greens.

In a nutshell:

You overuse your hands and wrists…
… Which causes inconsistent contact (fat and thin shots plus heel and toe misses), and…

… Makes it darn near impossible to control your distance and trajectory .

Sound about right?

I thought so. 

I also know why traditional clubs only compound your shortcomings .

And I know that we solved these issues with the P3 Pharaoh Wedge.  

In a moment, I’ll introduce you to my co-designer -- he’s one of the best in the business. 

First, let’s look at what makes the P3 Wedge so deadly on those vexing greenside shots – and how it will make your short game the envy of your foursome.

I’ll start with its most eye-catching aspect:

A pyramid-shaped clubface that boosts backspin and provides maximum forgiveness where you need it most.

The Pyramid Wedge’s low-profile face is taller in the middle than on the toe, so you’ll catch the ball higher on the club than you do a normal iron or wedge. 

That means extra height and spin from rough or sand. (Yep, you can use the P3 in bunkers, as I’ll explain shortly).

The shape also concentrates more mass near the vertical center of the club. Since your miss-hits tend to be smaller on shorter swings, that’s exactly where you want it. 

Next, let’s examine an even more critical feature:

A chunk-proof, self-squaring sole that prevents fat shots while delivering deadly accuracy.

You’ve probably seen wide-soled wedges, maybe even played one yourself.

It’s a great concept that works very well. The wider the base of the club, the more easily it slides across the turf and resists digging .

A regular iron or wedge has a much thinner sole – appropriate for full shots, but a real drawback around the greens. 

We gave the P3 Wedge ample sole width, but we didn’t stop there.

To help the clubhead cruise through tall grass unimpeded , we added a series of slightly raised rails from heel to toe. 
The rails serve a purpose on tighter turf, too, by squaring the clubface when it meets the turf.

You won’t believe how straight your shots fly off the Pharaoh Wedge .

P3 Pharaoh Wedge – Specifications

Loft – 45° 
(similar to a pitching wedge)
Lie angle – 65.5° 
(slightly more upright than a wedge)
Length – 35” 
(slightly shorter, easier to control)
Grip – Pyramid Tour Velvet (standard size)
Shaft – Steel 
(wedge flex)
Clubhead – Cast carbon steel with black PVD coating
Those are the primary features. But there’s plenty more that make the P3 such a killer all-around club. Including:
  • An upright lie and shorter shaft that put you more on top of the ball (for better control over the clubhead and uncanny accuracy)
  • “Goldilocks” loft  of 45° – not too high, not too low (but just right for the variety of shots you face in every round)
  • A head that’s about 20% heavier than standard, which limits your hand and wrist action while engaging your arms and shoulders (which are much more reliable and consistent)
  • A super-low center of gravity to increase backspin (so your shots will check up with greater precision)
  • Grooves across the entire clubface (so if you do miss-hit it badly, you’ll still get excellent spin)
  • A unique alignment guide to help you set up dead-square (for unmatched accuracy no matter your distance from the hole)
Any one of these features would deliver improvement over the club or clubs you’re currently using.

But put them all together, in a single club, and you’ve got unmatched stroke-saving power .

That’s the P3 Pharaoh Wedge.

It looks different, doesn’t it? Trust me – it is different.

For that I have to credit my co-designer, Jeff Halstead

Jeff is a recognized star in the equipment industry; he earned Golf Digest Hot List medals during his days at TaylorMade and Adams Golf.

Of course, those are huge companies that put major constraints on product design. Traditional styling is the name of the game.
(Seriously, when’s the last time you saw something like the P3 from a major manufacturer?)

That’s a big reason Jeff was thrilled to join forces with me in building the Pharaoh Wedge. 

Unbound by convention , Jeff and I tapped deep into our creative wells.

We allowed ourselves to go a little wild – no shape was too strange, no angle too oddball – when it came to the P3’s appearance.
We did, however, set strict rules for performance

No ifs, ands or buts. This new wedge absolutely, positively had to be:
  • Extremely easy to hit for golfers of any skill level…
  • Far more forgiving than a traditional iron or wedge, and…
  • Versatile enough to handle most any shot within 70 yards of the green.
I’m confident we achieved all that, not in spite of the Pharaoh’s unusual design…

But because of it.

By going so far outside the norms of wedge construction, we crafted… 

An all-purpose short game weapon that does the job of multiple clubs – like a Swiss Army Knife for your short game.

Want to know what kind of shots you can play with the P3 Pharaoh Wedge?

How about all of ‘em?

In any given round, you’ll use it for:

1 Precision chipping from just off the green

First and foremost, the P3 Wedge was created for playing perfect chip shots.

That makes it your go-to club whenever you need a shot that carries a short distance and rolls to the hole. 

The best part is, a textbook “vertical” chipping technique is practically built-in .

That is, an arms-and-shoulders motion that takes the hands and wrists – the cause of inconsistent contact – out of the equation. 

With the Pharaoh, all you do is take the club back straight down the target line , then swing it through on the same vertical path. No need to rotate the clubhead or manipulate it for square contact.

The same technique works regardless of your lie, too. The Pharaoh’s wide sole slides effortlessly across any surface, without digging or snagging. You’ll clip it clean , every time. 

2 Hop-and-stop pitch shots from any kind of lie

Facing a shot requiring more height and less roll? 

The Pharaoh’s your only choice. With 45° of loft and a super-low center of gravity, you’ll have no problem getting the ball up in the air. 

And thanks to those rails along the P3’s sole, the clubhead will plow right through thick, tall or wet rough .

3 The ever-handy “bump-and-run”

In recent years, course architects have come around to the idea that short grass makes an even tougher greenside hazard than long grass.

That means a having a reliable bump-and-run shot in your repertoire is an absolute must .

Try it with an 8-iron and you’ll impart too much height and backspin. Use a mid-iron or a hybrid and, well, good luck controlling the ball. Today’s full-swing clubs are made with white-hot faces to maximize distance – great for your long game, death around the greens. 

The P3 Pharaoh Wedge, on the other hand, has just the right blend of loft, length and lie for these tricky, low-running shots. Plus, its soft, carbon-steel clubhead provides a silky touch. 

Once again, the P3’s unique sole ensures that if you do catch the ground first, you’ll still hit it solidly – and with a square face. 

4 Full shots of up to 70 yards

While the Pharaoh Wedge isn’t necessarily meant to replace your pitching wedge, you can still use it to play longer shots.

How long? That depends on your swing speed, of course. But assuming yours is average, expect to get around 70 yards from the P3 Wedge when you give it a go.

Expect a medium to high ball flight and loads of shot-stopping spin .

5 You’ll even use the P3 Wedge out of the sand 

Frankly, this is just a bonus.

We didn’t set out to make the Pharaoh suitable for bunker shots.

But when we tested it on the course, lo and behold, the darn thing slipped through the sand and lobbed the ball out like there was nothing to it.

It’s got about 10° less loft than a standard sand wedge, so you may want to save it for slightly longer bunker shots

Believe me, though, you’ll be glad to have it when you need it.

Now take all of the above, add it up, and you’ve got a wedge so versatile, you’ll never again have to rack your brain deciding which club to use for different types of shots.
You’ll automatically grab your P3 Pharaoh Scoring Wedge. 

Without thinking twice.

You name it, this club can do it. And so can you.

The P3 Wedge makes all those shots I mentioned as easy as a basic, back-and-through swing using your arms and shoulders.

How on earth does it do that?

It’s all about the design.

The upright lie and short shaft slide you closer to the ball. This creates a vertical swing path that keeps the clubface square from start to finish – without requiring you to rotate the club at all. 
Next, the clubhead’s extra weight inhibits the movement of your small muscles , i.e., the hands and wrists.

Which forces your big muscles – the arms and shoulders – to take control .

It’s a much simpler, more efficient way to play short shots than the ol’ “hinge-and-hold.”

No wasted motion equals no wasted strokes.

Now, the last thing I want to do is waste your time with a bunch of hyperbole.

I’ve explained what makes the Pharaoh Wedge unlike anything else on the market. I’ve detailed how its design simplifies the swing for an almost limitless range of shots.
What I haven’t told you is how much it costs.

This part is pretty exciting, too.

For starters, the price for YOU… TODAY… 

… Is a very, very small one. 

Offered only to a select, core group of golfers before the rest of the world even lays eyes on the P3 Wedge.

Your price is considerably less than they’ll pay once it’s released to the masses. 

And less than you’ll pay if you wait too long .
The price tag is also smaller than the median for a new, brand-name wedge purchased through a major retailer.

We pegged that at about $159.

Mind you, that’s for a conventional wedge with few (if any) of the game-improving features the P3 Pharaoh offers.

While we’re comparing, the P3 Wedge is more affordable than a lot of golf-related items. More useful, too.

A package of short game lessons, for example, would run you about $100 an hour. 

And while they’d likely help you cut down on the awful fat and thin shots that cost you so dearly…

They probably wouldn’t transform your short game from a weakness to a strength right away .

The P3 Pharaoh Scoring Wedge will do just that.

And it will do it for just $119.00 .

For a club that’s guaranteed  to save you strokes, that’s a bargain if I ever saw one.

Wait, did I say guaranteed?

I sure did.

Buy the P3 Pharaoh Wedge today and you get a full 30 days to try it out.

If it doesn’t measurably improve your short game by the end of that period, send it back for a full product refund.

No questions asked.

No risk to you.

Remember, you can hit the Pharaoh Wedge literally all you want during those 30 days.
By all means, track your up-and-down percentages with the Pharaoh against your current stats.

I’m confident the P3 Wedge will come out on top .

And I’m certain you’ll see the difference immediately.

Your buddies will notice, too.

They’ll see you stride confidently to the ball when it’s off the green – with just one club in hand rather than your usual slapdash assortment.

They’ll watch you quickly size up the situation, make a couple of assured practice swings, then set up calmly and comfortably .

They’ll stare slack-jawed as you swing effortlessly, accelerate through the shot and nip the ball square in the sweet spot .

And they’ll shake their heads with grudging but growing respect as the ball lands softly on the green, tracks the hole like a bloodhound on the hunt, and stops within inches… again .

“That’s good,” one of them will say. “Pick it up.”

They’ll get sick of it really quickly.

But you never, ever will.

Order your P3 Pharaoh Scoring Wedge today and bring this dream scenario to life.

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