Can a Breakthrough Putter Design Really Save You 7-9 Shots Per Round And Immediately Lower Your Score? You’ve Got To See This Right Away…

Why PGA Putting Gurus Call It The “Money Maker” And How This Never Seen Before Putter Design Can Instantly Slash 7-9 Shots From Your Score The First Time You Use It!

Hey, my name is Blair O'Neal,

Do you routinely miss putts that you know you should easily make?

Do you start each hole strong with a solid drive and a quick trip to the green only to walk away with a bogey?

Missed putts can set up a flood of self-criticism, causing you to doubt your abilities -- and blow your ENTIRE ROUND...

They can also cause embarrassment, tons of frustration and maybe even the loss of a friendly bet or two...

However, for most of us it’s just a friendly game.

But for some pros bad putting can cost them their career.

And if you’ve ever watched much golf on tv, I know you’ve seen a pro miss an easy putt.

Over the years I've watched, not just amateurs, but seasoned pros missed putt after putt after putt...

And these are GREAT golfers...

It can get so bad...

Some of missed them from six inches!

Now I know what you’re thinking...

"I could have made that putt"...

But are you sure?

The truth is most golfers have trouble getting close to the hole let alone “in”.

If that sounds like you...

I have another question for you...

But what if there was a way for you to immediately sink more putts?

A way that allowed you to hit the “sweet spot” of the putter every time…

Doubling and even tripling your ability to putt?

What if we could solve these issues with an innovative club design?!

Well, that’s the exact question the club designers at Pyramid Putters asked…

And then they took it a step further…

By asking...

“Can we make a putter that will make those off-center putts go straight?”

To answer this question, the club designers looked at driver design. The “gear effect” on drivers means that strikes toward the heel and the toe curve toward the middle of the fairway.

So our friends at Pyramid asked another question …

“Can we take the physics of gear effect to the putter?”

Here's The Answer... And The Answer Solves One Of The Biggest Problems in Putting...

Even if you strike the putt just 1/8 of an inch off-center on a 10 footer, your putt may completely miss the hole.

So the people at Pyramid started experimenting with gear effect and they discovered this …

Gear effect on a putter will keep a putt going straight … on the intended line … even with off-center strikes. 

To help golfers sink more putts, they created THE PYRAMID PUTTER … it’s the first putter that keeps off-center putts tracking straight toward the target.



Let's take a look at THE PYRAMID PUTTER in detail.
Sweet Spot Milling
No Skidding or Bouncing...
When you hit the center of the face on THE PYRAMID PUTTER, the horizontal grooves give the ball top spin. This means your ball will not skid or bounce off line... and this keeps it tracking toward the hole. This also helps with speed control because a consistent roll gives you a consistent speed.
Toe Milling
No More Pushed Putts...
Hit a putt with a 'typical' putter and you will usually push the putt. But the special toe milling on THE PYRAMID PUTTER keeps the ball tracking on the intended line.
Heel Milling
No More Pulled Putts...
Hit the ball on the heel of the traditional putter and you will pull the putt. However, the milling on THE PYRAMID PUTTER keeps putts hit toward the heel moving straight.

Real Golfers... Real Results From 

Real Confidence

“When I putt with my Pyramid Putter I can feel confident in two things. First that I am aligned properly on my chosen line. And just as important, I know the ball will roll consistently on that line.”
- Charlie Santalauria. Tour Director Golf Channel AMTour

Rolls Perfect

“The way the ball rolls off The Pyramid Putter... it feels great. You can tell the difference... it just rolls perfect. I have never felt this comfortable with a putter using it the first time.”
- Gabe Perez

You're Going to Have to Pry It Out Of My Cold Dead Hands

“I was amazed that I could putt that well with a putter I've never used before. I liked the way I could just follow the line and set up to it. It's amazing. The ball moves nice and smoothly... it rolls very well and true. You're going to have to pry it out of my cold dead hands. I'm gonna win a lot of money from my buddies with this putter.”
- Joe Epps

No Break-In Period

“The alignment feature helps you find the line letting you know if you are too far or too close. The Pyramid has more top spin so I'm not leaving putts short. The Pyramid Putter is really easy to get used to, there is no break-in period... it's good right out of the box. I feel comfortable with it because of the grip, the alignment feature, and it felt better on mis-hits. If you're a tour player maybe you don't mis-hit it, but I do. It really helps if you mis-hit it on the toe... it comes back, and if you hit it on the heel it comes back the other way.”
- Bill Petsas

It just feels solid

“I love the grip! It felt really good in my hands. I love the alignment tool on top of the Pyramid Putter. It shows me if I'm too low or too high. It gives me real confidence that the line that I'm aiming to is correct. It's easier to make a stroke when you are properly aligned. Whether I hit it on the toe, the heel or in the middle, all the putts went the same distance. It just feels solid.”
- Tim Case

More Tap-Ins Than Ever on Long Putts

“Instant feedback... I know if I need to tilt up a little bit to get my eyes aligned. I have more tap-ins than ever. Knowing that I'm never going to hit the ball perfect, but knowing the forgiveness is there, gives me real confidence. I would put THE PYRAMID PUTTER against any brand out there.”
- Scott Partridge


Thanks to the Smart Technology and Design of the All-New Pyramid Putter

  • Gear Effect in a Putter? Yes!
  • Off-Center Putts Go Straight …
    No More Pushes and Pulls …
  • Easy to Get Lined Up Instantly … Every Time …
  • Excellent Feel for Precise Distance Control
  • Choice of Great Looking Blade or Mallet Designs
  • Conforms to the Rules of Golf

11 Reasons You'll Love THE PYRAMID PUTTER

I'm really impressed with THE PYRAMID PUTTER... and here's why...


Putts stay straight ... even if you hit the ball slightly off center.


It's SUPER-EASY to get lined up correctly when you putt. You'll sink putt after putt... at least 5 extra putts a round.


Elegant, classic design ... as preferred by better players... for confidence before you putt.


The highest quality materials for consistency and awesome feel every putt.


Solves the biggest problem with putting - pushing and pulls from off center strikes.


Sink a extra 5 to 8 putts per round and lower your handicap FAST. Drive your playing partners crazy as you sink all these putts.


Special grip options ... to keep the hands quiet and stable through the stroke.


Makes it easier to control the speed ... because putts are starting on the intended line.


End three-putting thanks to the super feel you get from the face materials.


SOLID FEEL across the entire face for a perfect roll every time.

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From Two Professionals Who Want You to Be a Stronger Putter

Matt Stephens has worked in the golf industry his entire life. He's seen, first hand, how golfers can struggle with putting.

Matt Stephens likes the forgiveness provided by the new generation of putters... but he hated the shape of these putters. He set out on a mission to create a traditionally-shaped putter with clean lines that provides golfers with maximum forgiveness.

The Creators Put THE PYRAMID PUTTER to the Test... 

And Here's What Happened...

Our friends at Pyramid tested THE PYRAMID PUTTER with 10 amateur golfers who had never seen this putter before. Handicaps ranged from 1 to 25. Each Golfer attempted puts from 10’, 20’ and 30’ … initially with their “usual” putter and, then with THE PYRAMID PUTTER.

Nine out of ten golfers improved their putting immediately … just by switching to THE PYRAMID PUTTER. When the test group played 9 holes, each golfer saved at least 2 shots.

It was the first time any of these golfers had used THE PYRAMID PUTTER.

Enjoy Immediate Improvement Due to Pyramid Putter's  Three Additional Features

(1) Visual Alignment Guides Get Your Eyes Directly Over the Ball for Putts that Start and Stay Straight
Another key to great putting is getting your eyes over the ball at address. THE PYRAMID PUTTER makes that extremely easy. 
A. Eyes inside target line, resulting in a miss to the right.

B. Perfect Putting Position – Eyes Over the Ball.

C. Eyes outside target line, resulting in a miss to the left.

Get the guides lined up and you know you’re in a great position to sink a putt.
(2) Visual Alignment Grooves Get You Lined Up to Sweet Spot for Optimal Feel, Distance and Direction
THE PYRAMID PUTTER gives you pyramid grooves on the leading edge to get you lined up with the sweet spot … with the putter face lined up with target. Remember … you MUST have that putter face lined up correctly before you hit the putt. THE PYRAMID PUTTER makes that super-easy.
(3) Straight Grips Promote Consistent Grip Pressure and Consistent Stroke
The grip is parallel and maintains the same diameter throughout the length of the entire grip. The uniform grip along with the silicone dots help maintain consistent grip pressure resulting in a more consistent putting stroke. The grips also prevent a “wristy” stroke and promote a big-muscle putting stroke.


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Here's what the media has to say about Pyramid Putters...

"It’s no fluke the Aztec was named best new putter in the new product zone at 2018 PGA Merchandise Show.These grooves create a pyramidal shape designed to bring mis-struck putts back to the users intended line. Hit it on the heel or the toe and turn your misses into straight putts."
- Drew Kort, Colorado Avid Golfer.com

"The result is one solid putt after another, excellent distance control and more confidence overall, a true plus for those of us battling the dreaded yips now and again. A Golf Tips editor tested the wand at a mountain course in northern California with greens running about 10.5 on the Stimpmeter, logging one of his best putting rounds in months including several buried middle-distance efforts for par or birdie."
- Golf Tips Magazine

Featured on Golf channel — Gifts for fathers day.

"It’s putting’s version of corrective lenses. My conclusion: When I get a Pyramid AZ-2, I expect to put it in the bag immediately and bench my current putter, with which I’ve had an on-again, off-again fling. This, however, could be the beginning of a beautiful friendship."
- Gary Van Sickle, Editor - Golf at a Glance
"Right off of the face on a well-struck putt, you know it was hit correctly. The horizontal mill lines send the ball towards the target hugging the ground and without any of the skid or bouncing that can occur even on putts struck out of the center. Conversely, on a putt struck outside of center, the performance of the putt makes your reconsider whether you really hit it that poorly."
- Chris Chaney, Editor - Swing by swing.com

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